About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

Claim un-used bike horsepower for riders like me who want that exhilarating ride on a dialed in machine.


WTH is HYGGE? (Pronounced HUE GUH) is a kick ass danish word that defines a special feeling or moment that leads to wellness and contentment. Its experienced alone or with friends. Craftsmanship, specialty, rare, the road less traveled. Am I speaking your language? Then welcome, to HYGGE Performance.

Our Vibe

At HYGGE Performance we live and breathe two stroke moto mods. Its an Obsession! We BUILD IT then we REFINE IT until we are satisfied with the performance results.

The Creator - Story of Steve

Everyone knows a Steve, who is this Steve? Hi, I’m Steve Lummerding owner and creator of HYGGE Performance. Do you remember your first bike? I sure do, my first bike came into my life at 8 years old, a big wheel 80 and it was love at first throttle turn. Things haven’t changed. To call it an obsession might be an understatement. I started racing in 1995 in my home town, eventually getting skilled enough to race a few Canadian Motocross Nationals. The mechanics of bikes always had my attention. I became a Heavy Duty truck mechanic because getting a “Job” was the primary goal, if you were to look for me after work hours I was in the garage rebuilding a bike engine, or tweaking something to make my ride faster. Two stroke tuning and pipe development became the focus, it brings me incredible satisfaction to build horsepower with my two hands.