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LECTRON Billetron Fuel System - Harley Davidson

LECTRON Billetron Fuel System - Harley Davidson

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Lectron BILLETRON - Harley Davidson

**This is a special order item - please email us before ordering if you are in a rush**

Why a Lectron Carb?

Did you know Lectron built the first flat slide carburetor? They have been developing carburetors for over 40 years now and have a rich history in the Harley world, including being and OEM option in the late '70s! Known for making huge power and being easy to tune, Lectron has won more championships in drag racing than any other carb manufacturer. After proving our technology, they began to refine their product and expand into new markets.

What does it all mean?

Performance Improvements:

    • Increased CFM across throttle positions resulting in increased torque and horsepower availability compared to competitors

    • Increased throttle response - Peak torque availability at lower RPM ranges

    • Faster power jet activation – Gains in CFM now signals activation earlier increasing performance and top end tunability

    • Improved Idle - Centralized and focused air flow to the fuel signal creating improved idle consistency

    • Increased Tunability - Finer adjustments and ease of access allows for easy on the track fine tuning

    • ISO Certified precision machining paired with billet aluminum construction for unbeatable product consistency and performance

How? Through These Design Changes:
        • New bore, bell, and slide design that maximizes airflow and throttle response across all throttle positions

        • H-Style slide (aluminum with newly designed hard anodize coating) reduces friction throughout throttle positions allowing for very controlled throttle

        • New metering rod adjustment mechanism (1/8th turn increments) for fine tuning

        • Horizontal power jet screw that is adjustable by hand for quick and easy on the track tuning

        • Finer threading for idle adjustment allowing micro changes for tuning

        • New top cover design with two screws and locating dowels for ease of installation and adjustment

        • Gasketed body halves with dowel pins for consistency of performance, easy cleaning, and re-buildability

        • Industry standard Metric hardware

        • Lectron Billetron HD slide spring

Included in the kit:

    • Custom Lectron throttle cable included in kit
    • Custom 3 bolt bell adapter for fitment to most air cleaners included
    • Custom 2 bolt spigot adapter included for some performance manifolds (with gasket)
    • (6) stainless steel shims for air cleaner

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