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LECTRON Fuel System - MINI Bikes

LECTRON Fuel System - MINI Bikes

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**This is a special order model - If you are in a rush please email for a shipping ETA**

Why a Lectron Carb?

Do you ride elevation? Does you bike just not run right, sometimes? Maybe your bike fouls plugs or your just tired of messing with jets? Do you just want to be different and rub it in your buddies faces (who doesn’t like that)? If so, slap on a Lectron. Slap on a smile. Go ride! Enjoy your bike the way it’s supposed to run.

What does it all mean?

 -Perfect jetting at all temperatures. All elevations

-Throw the brass away! Never change another jet

-Increased fuel economy. Don’t ruin your perfect day because of low fuel

-Smoother, more usable power, bottom to top

-Increased performance

-Bad ass clear float bowl. Just try not to look at it when turning your fuel on. I dare ya!

-New throttle cable on most models

-Made in North America. Let’s support each other!

If your model isn’t listed, please contact us.

**NOTE: IF YOUR DIRT BIKE HAS A THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR simply follow the plug up to the harness and disconnect it. It is not required for use with a Lectron. It is recommended that you cover the plugin electrical tape to prevent dirt from entering it.

**Yamaha Only – We do not recommend running the reed block spacer. The spacer may cause fitment issues. Lectron states that the longer body of the Lectron compensates for the longer intake tract.

**Depending on some setups your air boot may slightly rub on your shock spring. This is not an issue as the spring doesn’t move enough to cause wear.

***Lectron carburetors will not fix ongoing engine mechanical issues. Poor running that is caused by air leaks, broken reeds, and/or other worn or damaged components will not be corrected by installing a Lectron carburetor.

Want more information and our personal use review visit our Lectron Fuel System article here.

Lectron carburetors have been tested in house at Hygge Performance, and pair perfectly with a HYGGE Performance two stroke cone pipe. 

This kit includes a Lectron carb and a throttle cable.
The adjustment tool is highly recommended for easy tuning.


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