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Hygge Performance

HYGGE Yamaha YZ 250 1999-Current

HYGGE Yamaha YZ 250 1999-Current

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-High Temp Ceramic coating is available here. 

 Take your Yamaha YZ250 to the next level!

-Significant boost in both mid range and top end power

-Made from 18 gauge raw steel factory finish

-100% Made in Canada

- Significant boost in both mid range and top end power over stock

-Pipes are gas welded with oxy acetylene

-Hand planished seams

- Tig Brazed mounting points

-Made in small batches to obtain un-compromised quality

-Designed to work with all stock aftermarket silencers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brad Westmacott @ TBB Racing
Want the best? Forget the rest! HYGGE is what you want

When it comes to performance, Hygge has you covered, I have run the regular brand pipes, and have been disappointed at the level of quality and workmanship that comes from them. The Hygge chamber sets the bar at level that the big guys need to try and go after, and this is all done by one man, by himself, with nobody cranking out the details like Steve, the quality is above and beyond, the performance is absolutely unmatched. It’s easy to hold on and find the absolute max power from other manufacturers offerings as they leave lots off the table in comparison. I have to shift with other pipes much sooner, with my hygge chamber I am forced to sign off on the gas before entering corners, because I never find the end of the revv ceiling now that my bike seems to never find redline anymore, it just keeps pulling and pulling until I decide to grab the next gear, that’s no longer decided for me. If your a true two stroke smoke enthusiast, then stop wasting your time with other offerings, and get real and be true to your inner mixer. Get a Hygge chamber, and leave the rest alone!

Want the best? FORGET the rest, and give Hygge performance a call


Have had my chamber for a year and this thing is absolutely incredible it looks amazing and sounds even better definitely would recommend it for the two smokers. Have had the pipe for a year and tore my acl so its been sitting for half the year and even still looks amazing even after the crash that tore my acl!

Joel Palmer
Max Power, Welding Art

This pipe has made the power of my 07 YZ250 come alive. No loss of bottom with great build from mid to top. The look is pure sex and craftsmanship is beyond approach.